How to Wake Up Early in The Morning

If you’re a night owl and it helps you, that’s great. There’s no reason to change your lifestyle, especially if you’re quite happy. However, for me, the transition from a night owl to an early lark (yes, it’s real!) was a real find. It helped me a lot, so it’s unlikely that I’ll ever go back to my old way of life. I’ll just list the top 11 reasons why I wake early. Moreover, when you try to wake up early, you feel a real morning power! You will never get up at 11 am.

Wake Up Earlier for Your Dreams

Get up get out to your dream. It is the only one right way to success. A lot of successful and famous people, like Elon Musk, have a habit of waking up early. A few years ago my girlfriend was searching in google: “how to wake up early in the morning”, because I couldn’t wake up even at 11 am. I was usual looser, but now I changed! Do your best every morning and you become successful!

Start Today

Previously, as a rule, I used to start my day as follows: waking up late, jumping out of bed, going to work in a crazy rhythm, dressing the children, leaving them at school and showing up at work late. I could come to work crumpled, barely woke up, annoyed, and one of the very last. Not a very good start to the day. Now things have changed. By 8:00 a.m., I’ve got a lot to do, my kids now know how to get up early, too. And by the time everybody comes to work, my head’s already completely thinking. So from my experience, there’s no better way to start the day than to wake up early.

Hush and Grace

No baby screams, no crying, no soccer balls, no cars outside, no running TV. Morning hours are so peaceful, quiet. I really enjoy this peaceful time. For me, it’s a time when I can think, read, and just breathe in peace.

sun rising

The Sun is Rising

Those who wake up late miss one of nature’s greatest phenomena, which is repeated day after day in all its glory – sunrise. People like to watch as the day slowly gets brighter, as the dark blue sky gradually gets lighter, as the bright colors begin to seep into the sky and nature becomes incredibly colored. I like to run in the morning during this period of time. People look at the sky and tell the world what a delightful day it is! Seriously. I’m really saying it! It’s banality, I know.

Breakfast is Very Important

Get up early and you’ll have time for a proper breakfast. I always said breakfast is one of the most important moments of the day. Without breakfast, your body works in increasing hunger, and eventually, when lunch arrives, you eat everything that comes under your arm. Even the unhealthiest food. And the fatter and sweeter the food, the better. But if you had breakfast, the hunger will come later and it won’t be so intolerable. In addition, breakfast at reading your favorite book in the morning silence, and even with a cup of coffee in hand, is noticeably more pleasant than eager to swallow something on the way to work or eat at work.

good morning cup

Sports Activities

Of course, during the day you can find other times for exercise than in the morning. But I have come to the conclusion that exercise immediately after work, although more enjoyable, is also more often missed for various reasons. And in order to cancel the morning workout, when nothing prevents it, it is difficult to come up with an objective reason.


 Morning, at least for me, is the most productive time of day. In the mornings, when nothing distracts me, I like to write about something, after which I check my mail and the state of affairs on my blog. In the morning, by the time I start work, I’m able to do a lot of things. And when the evening comes, I have no more things to do and I can spend time with my family.

Set Tasks, Achieve Goals

 At least, I should have. And there’s no better time to review them and plan for them than this morning. You must have at least one deal that you plan to finish within a week. Every morning you have to decide for yourself what exactly you have to do today to get closer to achieving your goal. And then, if possible, try to do it before the morning is over.

Road to Work

Few people like heavy traffic on the road, except, well, petrol station owners. When you get to work earlier, you avoid traffic at rush hour, spend less time on the road, saving it for your own purposes. And better yet, go to work on your motorbike. Or even better, work at home.


 It’s much easier to arrange early meetings if you get up early. If you’re late for a scheduled meeting, it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. On the contrary, if you get up early.

The Meeting of The New Day.

 I love being able to wake up early and enjoy the wonderful sight of a new day. We suggest you come up with your morning ritual that includes words of gratitude for what you have. I am inspired by the words of the Dalai Lama: “Every morning, as soon as you wake up, think – today I was lucky to wake up, I am alive, I have a wonderful life and I am not going to waste it. I will use all energy for my development, I will give people my heart, I will reach enlightenment to benefit all living things on Earth. You will not lose my temper, I will think only good things about others, I will try to be useful to others as much as I can. Only early in the morning, you can feel a new day!

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