6 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Yoga

Yoga has long been one of the most popular disciplines for training not just your body and learning how to synergize your movements and breathing, but it is also an ancient practice that involves bringing your mind and body together while focusing only on moving your entire body. Yoga is much more stretching and doing splits. It is a myth that for doing yoga, you need to have certain body composition. This, of course, is incorrect since yoga is suitable for everybody and is a practice accessible to everyone. With the intention to reveal to you some of the things you didn’t know about yoga, we made a shortlist of things you might find interesting.

It Is Not Reserved for a Single Gender

Nowadays, if you get into the class where yoga is practised, you will be met with a room full of women passionately practising this skill. But, did you know that originally it was the complete opposite? Yoga, in ancient India, was practised exclusively by men. Upon its arrival in the West, it attracted a great number of women starting practising it actively. Besides this, yoga knows no genders and is beneficial for both men and women. On the other hand, if it feels awkward for you to be the only man in the room, then you can go online and search for millions of different yoga videos and tutorials that will lead you through all steps. Once you pick the one suiting you the best, hit play and start your session while enjoying the calmness.

Yoga Is Not Just Stretching

It is true that regular yoga practices will increase your flexibility and balance, but these are not the only benefits you will get by incorporating yoga into your life. Yoga has leverage to reduce stress and fight and flight response, by affecting the rest and digest system. This ancient practice is a form of calisthenic skill since it builds up strength by performing bodyweight exercises that positively influence bone and muscle health. Apart from this, yoga improves immunity, enhances energy and vitality, has an impact on our mental health and mental performances such as concentration and decision making, better perception of the world and circumstances, as well as improved cardio and circulatory health.

It Is Not a Temporary Thing

Yoga is not an isolated skill but rather a whole synergy of the different parts of the unique self like mental and spiritual levels. This ancient practice originates from India and has a 10.000 years long history. Today, yoga is not only the period of the day completely dedicated to your higher self, but rather a lifestyle embraced by a huge number of people all around the world. Inner energy channelized through movements and peace of mind has something magical in it which makes people constantly return and seek even deeper for the hidden parts of their personality.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are not solely reserved for hippies. Meditation is a central part of yoga which also promotes general health and well-being which helps you deal with some problems like anxiety and chronic pain. At the very beginning, it might appear almost impossible to reach those levels of stability and self-awareness, but it is of immense importance not to give up. Some of the most successful people practice yoga and meditation as a part of their daily routine.

It Can Be Modified

Injuries are a common thing for most physical practices and so are for yoga. Additionally, if you bear some injuries during your yoga session, it is not a signal for you to give up. Firstly, if you get injured during the training, it would be the smartest option for you to consult with the health professional to provide you with appropriate advice. In most cases, suffering injuries does not mean that you cannot continue practising yoga. You can modify your usual routines in a manner that will even promote your recovery process.

There Is no Need for Long Practices

You do not have to practice for hours during the day so you can see the benefits of yoga. With the modern tempo, it is practically impossible to take out an hour or two for practice. Consistence, even for ten to twenty minutes a day will show results. If you are free for a minute or two, you can turn them to your best advantage and practice some of the poses for the best benefits.

Yoga is not only an ancient tradition but a lifestyle. It brings together all of our energies and makes them function as a single unit. This unity is the core of yoga which makes us reach the highest spiritual levels.

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