7 Incredibly Beautiful Places To Visit In Turkey

Nowadays not a lot of tourists realized that Turkey is not only beaches and hotels, not only free excursions and service systems ‘all-inclusive’ – Turkey has to offer you much more. Besides fact that Turkey tourism is developed really well, it has an amazing nature, unique historical monuments and there are places that are simply mesmerizing with their landscapes. These are the places we will talk about below and I hope this article will motivate you to visit that gorgeous country.

Priorities places to visit in Turkey

Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu is a valley where the crystal clear Kepryuchay River flows. Mountain slopes here reach 100 meters, somewhere they are covered with forest, and somewhere it is just cliffs. 14 km of the fantastically beautiful landscape! The canyon area is protected by Turkish authorities and is considered a national treasure. Tourists who prefer active recreation in nature are sure to come here to spend time in the open air, recover and enjoy the stunning nature. There are 600 species of plants growing in Koprulu Canyon, with cypresses, eucalyptus, junipers, and pistachio trees. In spring it is especially beautiful – the trees begin to bloom and smell. You can also find deer or fox on your way, and by the water – a giant turtle. These turtles are impressive in size: their length is about 1.5 m and weight – 90 kg! Mountaineers, lovers of horseback riding and historical monuments come to Koprulu.

 Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz)

In Turkish, “Oludeniz” means “dead sea”. But this place has nothing common with the Israeli Sea. Oludeniz Bay is 15 km from the resort of Fethiye. It is an incredibly picturesque place with a lagoon filled with turquoise water enveloped by a sandy spit separating it from the open sea. And around it are slim pine trees and clean beaches, popular with lovers of beautiful pictures. Oludeniz is a national park and considered one of the most beautiful places in Turkey.

The Green Canyon

The Green Canyon or Green Canyon Reservoir is located in the Taurus Mountains 10 km from Manavgat and is the largest in Turkey. In addition, the reservoir is continuously fed by water from 27 mountain springs. It is densely filled with green vegetation, which in combination with turquoise water creates an incredible emerald color and contrasts against the mountain landscape.

Apart from the water itself, nature here is stunning: rocks and cliffs covered with pine trees and the madly beautiful Manavgat waterfall. The green canyon is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, it is a synonym to Turkish beauty. Here you can see a rare species of brown owls – these birds are charming.

Lake Van

Lake Van is located in the Armenian Highland, in the eastern part of Turkey. It is salty and the largest in Turkey, so it is also called Lake Sea. Here is the Nemrut Dag volcano. And in November last year at the bottom of the lake found the ruins of a fortress built 3000 years ago. Van is the largest soda lake in the world. It is said that swimming here is not recommended, as if because of the large amount of soda even the smallest wounds on the body water can corrode. But tourists swim. What impresses them the most is the aquamarine, unusually clear water. Even if you swim very far, it seems that you can reach the bottom by hand.


Must see from places to visit in Turkey from our list. It is an area in central Turkey known for its unusual landscape, caves, underground towns and temples. Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For many millennia, water and wind have carved marvelous natural canyons, pillars, towers, and pyramids from volcanic tuff. Amazing is not only the fantastic nature of the area but also the cultural heritage of the Romans, Hittites and other peoples who left their mark on this land.

The most popular entertainment is balloon flight, and not for free! After all, from the clouds, you can see all the beauty of this incredible area and the splendor of nature!

Lycian Way

The Lycian Way or Lycian Trail is one of the most famous and popular routes in the world. It is relatively simple and requires no special training or skills. This way called the Lycian Trail because it runs on the territory of ancient Lycia. It was located in the south of Asia Minor, on a peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye. The trail runs through the most beautiful places in that region. Here you will discover picturesque places and landscapes, rocks, beaches, and ancient Greek ruins.

The track along the mountain trails sometimes runs on rolled dirt and even asphalt roads. The total length of the track is 509 km, but it is not necessary to pass it all at once. The highway connecting the resort towns runs along the track at a distance of about one walking day, which makes it possible to finish the track at any time.


Pamukkale means “cotton fortress” in Turkish. From the outside, this place looks like a very cold place, as if in the blocks of ice. But in fact, the white formations are produced by the high calcium content in the water. Thermal springs of Pammukale have an amazing healing effect and different temperatures – from 17 to 100  degrees Celsius – so you can take baths all year round. Since ancient times they have been used for rejuvenation and skincare.

Turkey is an adorable, wonderful country with a magical atmosphere and fabulous culture. A country that has different natures and sights. After visiting it you will never ask what to see in Turkey. You will be totally surprised and will not want to leave it, love, at first sight, is guaranteed. I bet after reading this article you will have a tone of desire to know that country closer. Cause at least now you know the best places to visit in Turkey.

Consequently, we are continuing to write about top countries to visit. If you like this section feel free to leave a comment and share it with friends. Have a safe trip! 

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