Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit Portugal

In this article I will tell you about my personal experience for 10 days in Portugal. I will visit this amazing country in a year for sure! The main question of this article: “Is it worth going to Portugal?”. Let’s talk!

Is it worth going to Portugal?
Powerful Ocean

Beautiful nature

Portugal’s nature is delightful and magnificent. But there is nothing to do in cities. Lisbon is very dirty, there are too many drugs there and no nature. Only the 25th April bridge is worth visiting in Lisbon. Porto is very calm and old, you can visit it for one day, not more. It looks well, but too boring. Faro isn’t worth any minute of your valuable time. These are the 3 biggest cities in the country. Other cities have less population and these cities can worth your minute, no more. Because the ocean is too beautiful to spend time in the cities.

Calm life

In small cities and towns life is very measured and leisurely. Portugal is a country that comes to the surf camp. You can go around all the beaches by car or just live there. The ocean knocks you down, you feel like a little piece of sand in the Sahara desert. It’s a real orgasm, chills on your skin. I really can’t describe what you feel in the ocean. I’m from a city with a small river, I was at a few seas. The Atlantic ocean is totally different. Portuguese are very nice, kind, calm people. They focus on their lives and don’t care about you or what you look like. That’s the worldview they have, more than people in Germany, the Netherlands or Italy. 

Is it worth going to Portugal?

There’s no big money here

Most people have near equal salary, which is enough for a normal life. Most people enjoy their lives and don’t try to build a career. Ambitious Portuguese people go to the UK, America, Canada. Everyone else has a relaxed life and that’s the kind of people you’ll meet in Portugal. They have not much ambition or desire to conquer the world, they are different. There are free showers, toilets, circular junctions and a lot of drugs everywhere. In Portugal, many people sip joints on the beach or just in town and it is normal. It is easier to buy cocaine in central Lisbon than to find a local grocery shop. 

High level of English

Portuguese speaks English really well. That’s the main criteria for a person’s quality of life in Portugal. If he dresses neatly, drives a good car or works in a respectable position, he knows English. Everyone else is a majority, they don’t even know him at the middle level. Portugal is a country of economy, they have more cars on mechanics than I have ever seen. All houses have been restored for a minimum budget, but with great effort. Portugal is a paradise for old age. Many times I have heard that a small city in the USA is an ideal place for the elderly. But all this is nonsense, Portugal has one of the lowest prices for movable property in Europe, direct access to the ocean, perfect climate. Buy yourself a beach house and live your years in a cheap country with a good climate – it is the perfect plan.

Is it worth going to Portugal?

So, the answer for the question: “Is it worth going to Portugal?” — Yes, sure. You must visit this Interesting country!

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