Sleeping in the Car is Like a Pleasure.

Now the train ruthlessly takes me from Lisbon to Porto, and then I continue my way to home. Last 8 nights I slept in the car. Sleeping in car can be really cool!

Thank to my Friends for This Trip!

Ola, amigo.

My name is Leo, I am 32 years old and after so many days in the car — I feel good! In this amazing story, I will open up a world of traveling for you! You will no longer spend money on expensive hotels

or hostels with other people in your room.

I will list why you should choose sleep in your car rather than different guest places.

Car can become your house

1. Hostel Disadvantages

Furthermore, you sleep with someone you never know. A lot of people snore while sleeping in your car. Shower, toilet, kitchen — everything in bad condition. Hostels usually locate not in picturesque places. You have to park your car near it, then go to the chosen attractions. Hostels usually unsanitary. It’s a usual dorm and you can’t track the real condition of chose place before your arrival. Hostels show very old photos at the booking websites You can’t have a normal snack, talk, drink or just throw away your roommates=). If you choose expensive hostels, it’s better there. But why would you do that? 

2. Hotel Disadvantages

In addition, When you arrive in the hotel you will never see home comfort. A hotel isn’t a place where you live, it’s where you come, fall asleep and leave. It’s a more expensive and comfortable staging area than a hostel. The location of the hotel usually at too popular place. These locations usually very loud, you can’t get enough sleep in your car. The problem is, like a hostel, you’re wasting an important time dragging and dropping stuff, packing, and so on. In travel, time is the most important thing. 

3. Booking Apartments Have Issues With Less Reliability.

 In Booking, you’ll book a hotel in one click. But On Airbnb, you’ll need to wait for a host confirmation. It’s a pure shame that you need to wait up to 24 hours. I didn’t have a problem at one trip, each host accepted my offer in literally half an hour. On the other trip, I sent requests to two hosts three days before I arrived in Florence, and I was ignored. In this situation, the hotel came to the rescue. If you drive and don’t know where you’re staying, you can’t plan and book in advance. That’s not our option.

Beautiful mountains at north of Portugal

Advantages of Sleeping in Car

That’s why, It’s romantic, you’re a wandering knight and you’re not staying anywhere for long. Your house is a road, and people will have to respect that. Many have looked at us strangely, some admired us. You don’t sleep with someone in the room, behind the next wall or walls. You can suddenly decide to go to another city or even country at 10 pm. Nothing holds you back, it’s total freedom! Waking up and seeing the ocean in front of you is priceless. Plus the same as at home, you are your own actor, director, and editor. You have no one on your way. Sleep in your car usually doesn’t require long preparation and dragging things to a hotel or hostel. You just need to find a beautiful calm place and take a nap! 

You just skip this hated bringing bags from one place to another and fall asleep right away. It is a real dream=) 

By the way, When you wake up you also miss all these stages and go straight to the chosen place. You get to know the area better, you are more likely to meet locals, talk and understand country. When you’re in the car and open to any suggestions — you’re more curious. A party in another city is only a matter of three liters of fuel.

Most importantly, it saves time and money. You are not tied to any hotel or something, you heard the music — go for it!

Here, I’m talking about my summer trip to Portugal. In more northern countries, it’s likely to be less pleasant…

Record About Portugal

Moreover, Almost every beach has a shower, toilet. You can find Lidl or Aldi shops (they have free toilets) In the usual towns. In German, Netherlands or Belgium toilets costs near 1€. You even can see — toilet in McDonald’s is free. Portugal is so cool, unlike western European countries.

Night’s Sleep in Your Car is comfortably!

In conclusion, It is easy to sleep in your car with one friend in the car or the second friend should not be tall (or take a spacious car!). 

To sleeping in your car, you need a jacket as a pillow, enthusiasm, and a good mood.

There will be a full sleep guide in the car and my opinion of Portugal In future articles.

I Wish you a Safe Road!

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