Love Golfing on the Weekends? Here are 6 Things You Should Have While Playing

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If you’ve never played golf before, yet you are ready now to embark on this journey and start playing it, then one of the first steps you have to make is to obtain some useful equipment and golf-related items.

It is safe to say that the market is flooded with a variety of interesting golf gadgets and pieces of equipment that sometimes it can be difficult to determine what are the most important things for every golfer.

Now, there are some items that are more, or less essential, and to help you choose the most crucial things, we put together a list of necessities that are always wise to have by your side. Let’s see what you need!

Top Items Every Golfer Must Posses 

Rain Gloves

Every seasoned golfer will tell you that it’s of huge importance to have a powerful grip on the club as you start hitting the shots, hence, you need to obtain a solid pair of gloves that will allow you to give your maximum.

So what are you supposed to be looking for? You should be obtaining something that enables your skin to breathe properly and that doesn’t absorb moisture. Remember, that your palms can get sweaty as well, which can make things much less convenient. Therefore, you should be opting for something that’s cozy, snugly, light, and very flexible.

Golf Clubs

One could never call himself/herself a true golfer without the clubs, that’s for sure. The maximum number you are allowed to bring with you is fourteen, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should purchase all of them right away.

So the best way to begin is with a half set. For instance, a set that contains four irons, a 3,5, 7, 9, iron along with a few wedges, as well as a putter is totally fine for now. As time goes by, and you start playing more and more, you will realize that the gaps between all these irons are quite irritating and then you will most likely decide to purchase a full set.

Now, does it mean that you should immediately go directly to stores that sell only brand-new products? Definitely not! Fortunately, there are so many spectacular, high-quality second-hand markets that sell first-class goods.

Bear in mind that manufacturers are constantly making new golf clubs, which means that those that are even one year old are still considered to be old, hence, there’s no point in obsessing over brand-new ones.

For example, a second-hand site like Golf Bidder offers amazing second-hand items at a very affordable price. The only thing you should be paying attention to is the fact that the clubs you’re interested in haven’t been made for somebody who is differently built.

For instance, if you’re not too tall, then you shouldn’t be acquiring golf clubs that were made for somebody who is extremely tall. But do not worry. These shops usually write down these things and will let you know if the club is too long for you. 

Another thing that should be prioritized is the right type of iron. Even though the bladed irons are generally great, they are not supposed to be bought by someone who is new to this sport. Instead, opt for a set of irons that comes with a cavity.

What Else Do You Need?

The Golf Hats

There are many athletes out there who are prone to wearing hats, such as tennis players, baseball players, etc. But it appears to be that golfers are the ones who wear them the most. How come?

What are the biggest benefits of golf hats? Avid golf lovers at want to emphasize the fact that one of the main reasons golfers wear them is because they need to protect themselves from the sun. The truth is, golf players are generally frequently exposed to it for many, many hours.

Another great benefit of these hats is that you will experience less glare with them. For instance, a golf ball with a shiny finish can oftentimes be difficult to see, especially on a sunny day. However, with the help of golf hats, you’ll be able to see it clearer.

Golf Balls

Just like with many other pieces of golf equipment, the situation is pretty great when it comes to golf balls. Namely, the market is filled with a variety of different balls, including the ones that were made to help golfers with the driving distance, and there are those that were designed to enhance accuracy.

Now, if we’re talking about beginners, then it would be recommendable for them to obtain several boxes of golf balls. Why is that important? Well, it’s because it is highly likely that their first trip to the links is going to lead to a plethora of lost balls through slices, hooks, and water hazards.

Golf Grips

A majority of golf experts will tell you that these are not an accessory, but much more than that. They are practically a necessity. Over the past couple of years, they have changed a lot, for the better of course.

These days, you will stumble upon the ones that are much more resilient, durable, and certainly more customizable. Such an improvement when you compare them with the ones that were designed a couple of years ago. 

Now, when it comes to golf grips, you should be definitely focusing on their size. For example, if your grip isn’t sitting in your hand properly, then you want to be able to hit the ball squarely the way you’re supposed to be.

Keep in mind that these things were designed to help the golf players when the weather is pretty bad (rain, snow, too humid, etc.), so if you do not select the ones that are suitable for you, you won’t be able to give everything that you got.


Another essential that mustn’t be overlooked, however, you need to be extremely careful during your purchase. Namely, you should search for a firm, vigorous, good-sized model that is going to be capable of handling different weather conditions, like heavy rain and wind.

Just think how awful it would be if you’ve finished your game successfully, yet you are completely wet from the rain. Even if you had the best game in the world, you will still feel horrible.

And something like this can easily happen in two cases: if you do not own an umbrella, or if you have one that is poor-quality and that isn’t capable of providing you with the right protection. Keep in mind that if you decide to go out and play on the links, it is highly likely you’ll be facing the harsh wind.

So what are you going to do if you do not have a high-quality, robust umbrella? Those that are truly resilient are usually made out of top-notch material and were made to be wind-resistant precisely due to these conditions that were previously mentioned. 

Luckily, on the market, you will stumble upon various wonderful colors, styles, and patterns that were made to suits everyone’s needs and taste, but the most important traits are quality and durability.

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As we stated in the beginning, there are some golf-related items that are always needed, and those that can be used occasionally. Well, the ones that were part of our list should definitely be employed every time you play golf.

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