How To Be Your Authentic Self

In this age of digital technology, a lot of people are finding it easy just to lead pretentious lives. With the rise of social media, people tend to live a double life one that they wish to show online and one that they reserve for themselves. For this reason, most people end up unhappy and unsatisfied with their life.

Being the real you is a great gift you can give yourself. You go out each day with a clear conscience, and you have a great sense of right and wrong. Becoming authentic means saying what corresponds to your actions or acting according to your feelings. Being authentic has no room for ‘faking,’ hence people with authentic personalities are more contended with life and are happier.

It’s vital to mention that authenticity goes beyond your work and relations. It’s more about who you are and being true to your actions and thoughts. You don’t want to neglect your feelings just to please other people, regardless of whether you are happy or not. There is a very helpful personality test called the ‘7 Soul Types Test.’ This test will help you understand more about yourself and your character to ensure you live according to your purpose and help you bring out the authentic you.

How Can You Become Your Authentic Self?

Everyone’s journey toward becoming authentic or genuine is different from each other. Some people may find this easy and natural, while others may need extra help and guidance. One person may find it easy to speak their mind when talking to others. In comparison, others tend to be shy or reserved when socializing. This is perfectly normal.

But how can you truly say that you’ve become authentic to yourself? Are you happy when you are pleasing other people, sacrificing your own values and morals? Do you find it hard to share your opinions with others, fearing they will judge or ridicule you? Are there times when you feel that you’re unhappy with your decisions in life? If you’re among those looking for answers to such questions, below are some friendly tips to help you in your journey toward your authentic self:

How to Be Authentic

Accept Who You Are

Fully acceptance of oneself is always the first step in developing your authentic self. This step might be hard, but you will eventually realize that the rest will come easy if you completely accept yourself.

You’ll need to adjust your mental attitude, which includes being gentle when criticizing yourself, avoiding seeing yourself as an inferior, and staying motivated. Focus on your strength and embrace your weaknesses. At the end of the day, you’ll develop a positive attitude toward your flaws and understand that you don’t have to be perfect to become authentic.

For instance, you should understand that you might like different things from those your loved one’s treasure. Following your heart and doing what makes you happy doesn’t mean you’re inconsiderate, but it simply means you’re true to yourself and to what makes you feel better.

Act According To Your Beliefs And Values

Authentic individuals never stray from their moral values and beliefs. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to developing authenticity, you should always act according to your values. Unfortunately, many people adopt their loved ones’ beliefs without considering theirs.

Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean that it’s right or that you should follow it. The same thing applies to your beliefs and values. For example, if you think both men and women should have equal rights, you should stand with that belief regardless of the opposite opinions of others.

Trust And Follow Your Intuition

Intuition can be referred to as the inner voice that helps you make the right decisions. In most cases, intuition tells one when something’s wrong. That said, it’s essential to follow your intuition instead of ignoring it. If it tells you to speak your mind or turn down an invitation, don’t ignore it. In short, believe in your inner voice when making decisions instead of doing what others think is right.

Cultivate Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is how you value and perceive yourself. Your self-esteem is based on what you believe about yourself in terms of intelligence and confidence. It’s vital to note that it can be impossible to be authentic if you doubt and have no confidence in yourself. Mostly, people with low self-esteem behave and act like individuals they think are better instead of having confidence in their characters.

Here’s one good example: It’s easy to copy and dress up like your favorite artist. Most people want the same luxurious lifestyle that popular personalities post online. But stop and think if this will help your self-esteem and become the authentic you.  Cultivating your self-esteem requires that you be comfortable with yourself and your disposition. It’s okay to dream and want things, but make sure that your decisions align with your values, helping you become more confident with yourself.

Never Hesitate To Express Your Thoughts And Feelings

Human life is full of thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, if you don’t speak up, no one will ever know what’s in your mind, let alone consider it. That said, speaking your mind and expressing your feelings and concerns is vital.

To become authentic, you must stop worrying about how other people perceive your feelings and actions. Learn to say no when you have to. Never allow anyone to prevent you from sharing your thoughts and opinions. 

How To Be Your Authentic Self

Seek Help Whenever Necessary

Genuine people understand that they don’t have to be perfect. They seek help whenever necessary. They know that asking for help is among the traits that show how genuine they are, and they’re unlikely to hit rock bottom due to their ego.

For instance, the fight against alcoholism is a battle one cannot endure alone. It’s best to seek the help of others, like your loved ones or a trusted friend. But you should know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure. It simply means that you are truly dedicated to improving yourself. That said, you should understand that authenticity isn’t perfection, and asking for help is another step toward achieving your authentic self.


No one wants to be fake. Being fake may lead to mental health conditions and can affect one’s relationships. With the tips discussed and a little motivation, you’ll find that the road toward accepting the real you is a journey worth taking. The end road is something you will definitely look forward to–a life lived to its fullest with joy and contentment.