11 Abundance Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

It continues with our article about positive money affirmations that work fast. Read our inspiring article and boost your financial life!

Table of Contents:

  1. Law of Attraction Money
  2. How to Boost Your Financial Life and Bring Money Abundance
  3. Tips for Building Wealth Abundance
  4. 11 Abundance Affirmations for Financial Freedom
  5. How to Attract Money Instantly

Law of Attraction Money


Live your life as you have all that you want. Think like a rich person. Imagine that you have absolutely everything you want. How do you feel in this condition? How does your behaviour change?

Let Yourself Become Rich

The main issue is that money increases your responsibility. There are 2 different situations: 1). when you have 1000$ in your pocket 2). when you have 1$ million in your house. If you have 1$ million now, what will you do? If you earn 1$ million every month, how will you invest it? You can buy shares for 1 million. Then, you start thinking about the future world crisis, covid-19, the new president, etc. You can’t be sure that you will keep this money for a while. What if robbers steal all the money from your house?

When you have a lot of money, you have to live with many risks. You can invest it in Tesla today and become 10 times richer tomorrow or lose half of the invested amount.

You need to boost your financial level step by step. From 1000$ to 10000$, 100 000$ and then 1 million dollars. If you win a lottery today, you will not know what to do with this money and will lose it.

Enjoy Your Life

Learn to give yourself small joys. It can be not only a material thing. Just spend time with your family, instead of watching a series. Go on vacation every half of the year. Go to the sea or the ocean every year. It is very important for your feelings.

Do what you have always wanted to do. For example, go to the gym or swimming pool. Go hiking with friends, fishing, hunting, move to a better house or go to business courses.

Find a way to be positive and enjoy your life. It is the simplest law. Do only what gives you joy as often as possible. Happiness and joy reshape your world and bring you more happiness, pleasure, and joy. Of course, the reverse is also true. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of dissatisfaction, fear, anger and other negative emotions.


Whatever you have now, be grateful for it. If you know how to be grateful, you will get much more in the future. When you think you don’t have enough, it attracts poverty. When you are grateful for all that you have, you attract wealth.

Money Abundance

How to Boost Your Financial Life and Bring Money Abundance

The emergency has led to a drop in the income of many families. 60% of Americans can’t pay an unexpected 1000$ expense. So, most people don’t have any savings. As a result, people should use credit cards. What will happen in case of unexpected expenses of 10000$ or even 50000$?

Your relatives can get into trouble for you. You have to be positive and be ready for negative things. If you’re ready for bad times, you will always live in a good time.

Start Budget Spreadsheet

Most families rely on memory to keep track of their finances. You can record all expenses or just plan your budget. You have to plan everything. For example, you need a warm coat in winter 2022/2022. That’s why you need to plan this expense for January 2022. You can buy everything you need, just create an expenses plan. Include 10% for unexpected expenses for each month. Create family savings. If you earn 50000$ for a year, at the end of the year, your family funds should have 5000$, which is 10% of your yearly income.

Count and plan all expenses in advance, spend money only on things which you really need.

Pay for all Outstanding Invoices

Write down all outstanding invoices (amount, due date, interest and penalties). Draw up a repayment schedule and first pay the bills that charge the highest interest or have the closest due date. If invoices pile up, contact the company that issued the invoice to negotiate a new payment plan. You have to close all consumer debts. Rich people don’t pay restaurant or food bills with credit cards. You can use credit only in cases, when it’s profitable for you, like a house or car debt. Avoid consumer debts. If you are short of cash, do not take out new loans. Both quick and consumer loans require new and higher costs in the form of fees and interest.

Open Savings Account and Pay to Yourself

You have to save 10% of your monthly income. You should “pay to yourself” with these monies. It will not make your life less comfortable. It will help you be confident in the future and become rich. When you have money, you attract more money and wealth. 100$ per month is 1200$ per year and 12000$ per 10 years. When you receive your salary, always pay yourself first.

Develop Your Finance Skills

You should learn new technologies and skills every few months. As soon as you stop learning, you stop increasing your growth. If you learn new technologies, and skills, read more books and visit courses, you increase your income in the future. No matter if you work as an entrepreneur, developer, or simple manager. Use abundance affirmations from this article to develop your financial confidence!

Building Wealth Abundance

Tips for Building Wealth Abundance

Use Cash

Take as much cash as you need. If you need 50$ per day, just take it in cash. Don’t add a card to your Apple Wallet or Google pay, leave your credit card at home. Credit cards are a reason for impulsive purchases. If you need more money for the day, take it in cash. Always take as much as you need. Don’t take any more. Enjoy Life, not Shopping

Combine Abundance Affirmations and Sport

When you work out in the gym, you develop your body, increase brain activity and improve blood circulation. Go to the gym or play basketball, tennis, or other active sport instead of going to the nightclub or drinking alcohol. Spend time with family in nature, instead of drinking with friends. Be active every day!

Be Open to Wealth and Abundance

Opportunities are everywhere, just learn to see them. Expand your business thinking, and create new ideas. You have to accept the signs of money that you encounter at every step. If you find an opportunity — use it. Say: “Yes” to money.

Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

11 Abundance Affirmations for Financial Freedom

  1. Wealth is an important part of my life.
  2. I can overcome any financial obstacles on my way.
  3. I want more money. And that’s normal.
  4. It’s easy for me to prosper and succeed.
  5. My life is fulfilled with health and wealth.
  6. Affluence and wealth are coming, I accept it.
  7. My income exceeds my expenses.
  8. I deserve to be paid for my skills, time, knowledge, and experience.
  9. My income continues to grow.
  10. I choose to live a rich and fulfilling life.
  11. I am smart, talented, and gifted.

How to Attract Money Instantly

To improve your financial situation, you need to change your attitude toward money. The magic of wealth works when we do everything correctly and magically change our ordinary world. Money is a bundle of energy, a shapeless substance that requires the utmost attention and respect. Abundance affirmations are what you need to attract money!

How do you reject money with your thoughts and words? Stop thinking “I can never buy such a big house” – replace it with “I will buy such a house and I will have enough money to fulfil my dreams”. But it is not enough to say – you have to visualize the image of the new house, and feel house comfort. Close your eyes and imagine. Avoid envy of other people. Remember: Money Attracts More Money.

As a result, make financial decisions only in the first part of the day. Don’t buy new expensive things after 6 pm. Think about it at night, make a decision in the morning.

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