6 Tips for Choosing a Rehab Center

There are several things to consider when choosing a rehab center. The first thing is finding out what kind of treatment you need and if the center offers it. You also want to know if the center has the resources for your addiction problem or mental health diagnosis. Choosing a rehab center can be difficult because there are so many options available, but these six tips will help to narrow down your search!

1. Patient Orientation. 

Find out what type of treatment they specialize in. Are you looking for rehabilitation from drugs? What about an eating disorder or addiction to alcohol? Some people will need more than one treatment, so it is essential to know how well-versed this center is at providing multiple therapies.

2. Accredited Treatment Centers. 

You can look for accreditation with organizations like CARF, Joint Commission, or the American Alliance of Addiction. This will ensure that you are working with an accredited center and one that is professional in all aspects.

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Many centers offer individual therapy sessions, group counseling, and family meetings, so it’s important to find out what this center offers.

The best way to find out if the rehab center is what you are looking for is by scheduling an appointment and speaking with someone in charge of patient intake or admissions. This will help you get all your questions answered so that you can decide whether this facility is right for you.

3. Therapists

This is important if you suffer from mental health issues. Some people need counseling for trauma, depression, or anxiety disorders, and the center must have the resources to treat these conditions.  If your addiction stems from an underlying mental illness, you should look for a rehab that provides treatment for both issues. This will ensure a smooth transition from drug treatment to mental health counseling.

4. Psychiatric Training for Staff 

Psychiatric nurses are necessary for mental health patients who need medications. Many rehab centers hire non-medically trained staff members, which can be dangerous if the patient needs medical attention.

Make sure to look at how long the therapist has worked in drug addiction treatment or mental health before choosing a rehab center. This will ensure they have the proper credentials and qualifications to treat you properly. You can ask for their professional license number to verify their credentials with the state board.

5. The Center’s Philosophy and Approach to Recovery. 

You should also look into the center’s philosophy and approach to addiction treatment. Some people need a more structured environment with rules, while others prefer an open plan where they can relax more on their own time.

Many rehab centers offer alternatives such as wilderness programs, adventure therapy, or yoga retreats, which are great options for people who prefer a more physically active environment. 

6. Accessibility of the Rehabilitation Facility

This is a significant factor when choosing an inpatient treatment center. Make sure they are near your house or work so you can continue your daily life while staying sober.

If you are looking for a facility, a simple Google search of “rehab near me” should yield several results. Once you find a center, make sure to call and ask them if they are within driving distance before booking an appointment for admission.