Be Like Best 3 Point Shooters of all Time: How to Shoot 3 Pointers

Winter has finally retreated, so it is time to get out of your cramped apartments and engage in all sorts of street activities. Today’s material is devoted to basketball, specifically how to shoot 3-pointers, rather than just aimlessly running around the field. It is time to find out the secret of the best 3-point shooters of all time.

Be like best 3 point shooters

A three-point shot, as well as a penalty kick in football, is one of the most spectacular moments of the game. Such a killer hit can bury the opponent’s hopes a second before the end of the match. And also won the respect of friends, showing his unsurpassed accuracy. Of course, it takes a long time to sharpen any skill. And after reading this guide, you will only instantly become Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, or Stephen Curry (the best 3-point shooters of all-time in NBA history), but you can get some useful skills. From here on out, it’s up to you: practice and perseverance, and one day you’ll succeed.

The three-point shot in its current form appeared in 1967 in the ABA (American Basketball Association) championship, and later it was adopted by the NBA. It’s interesting that in the NBA, the distance of the three-point line is 23,75 ft from the ring, and in the American university championship, it’s much smaller – only 19,75 ft. The standard distance for most venues in the rest of the world is 22,14 ft.

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Girls enjoy playing Basketball

Types of shooting in basketball

Start basketball shots from a close range

Start training if you’re serious about impressing everyone with your abilities. The first exercises are better to start at close range. Step about half a meter from the ring and gradually move away. When training from a close distance, you should throw so that the ball hits the ring without hitting its edges. The main thing here is to bring the muscle movements to automatism.

Preparing to 3 point shooting

First, you should completely relax the body – mainly your hands and arms (but do not spend too much time on it). Look at the ring, and focus on a specific target. Feel the ball in your hands. You can spin it a little and scratch it several times. Then you need to carefully build a picture in your head of how the ball hits the ring. Try to imagine its trajectory in your mind: when throwing from long distances, it is a parabola with a maximum height of about two meters above the ring.

Legs position

Position your feet slightly apart parallel to each other, and orient them to the middle of the basket. In this position, the direction of the body’s kinetic moment during the jump will coincide with the direction of the throw. If the feet are uneven, additional effort must be made to dampen the body’s energy. The range and accuracy of the flight will be very different from the intended one in this case.

Hand position

The weaker arm should be a guide and should be on the side of the ball. The stronger arm should be the throwing arm and should be at the front. The fingers are open, and the ball should lie on them without touching the inside of the palms. The elbow of the throwing arm must be approximately in line with the basket and bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

The world record for three-point hits belongs to Anthony Miracola (USA) in Temperance, Michigan, USA, on 24 February 2019.

All of Anthony’s 31 shots were made in a row, in one minute, without any misses in between them.

Moment of three pointer

Take a deep breath and exhale to make a throw. At the moment of the throw, the arm is fully straightened, the wrist directed upwards. And the hand tells the ball to rotate around the horizontal axis opposite the flight. The ball rolls off the index and middle finger at that moment. In the final stage, there must be a movement of the brush carrying the ball. At this point, the ball must be above the player’s eyes but at the same level as the target. The greater the distance, the greater the amplitude of the swing and the final effort.

how hard can be everyday practice
Work hard — Play hard

Common mistakes in shooting practice

  1. To bend the hand by less than 90 degrees. In this case, the trajectory will be more horizontal, and the throw will turn into a throw.&
  2. Shoulders and back are swung back. Then the amplitude of the movement will be greatly increased.
  3. The ball tears from its ring’s finger. This causes it to rotate laterally so that the accuracy reduces.
  4. The guide arm interferes with the direction of the throw.

Using the shield While 3 point shooting

Using the shield is a little cheating, but if the three-point can decide the game’s fate, why not. You can see a rectangle drawn on all the basketball boards. When you are opposite the ring, you should aim at the middle of the upper part of the rectangle above the ring. If you are on the side – you should aim at the corner of this rectangle near you. If you hit it, the ball will almost be in the ring.

There are no tricks here. The main thing is to dodge the opponent. Forget about everything for a second and concentrate on the ring. If you believe that the ball hits the basket, it will happen. And, of course, it takes work and perseverance.

Do not forget to try all advice you’ve got above after reading this guide. It is necessary! The article will not make you an NBA player in a short time. But it will definitely improve your skills in shooting three pointers. Good luck on your way to being like the best 3-point shooters of all time, and enjoy it!