How to Write a Romance Novel: Best Tips

How to start a romance novel? It seems that only someone very special can write a book. How do people do it in general? Of course, to create your own work, you need a lot of knowledge, great imagination, willpower, and perseverance, and, of course, the ability to express your thoughts on paper. If you have all this, it’s time to release a bestseller. We will give you some tips on how to write a romance novel.

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What to write about

 Good writers can only write about things that worry them most. What is bothering you personally? World evil? Undivided love? Statistics of abortion and divorce? Is it difficult to be a god? This is what you write about. It is impossible to write a real, sincere, important romance novel with a cold nose. If you do not care about anything but your own person, congratulations, you are a happy man. Breathe out and do not write at all. The world will be full of gratitude. 

How to start a romance novel

Start no matter what. Not enough time? No suitable place to get some privacy? Thoughts are confused, and you don’t understand what will the first chapter be like? Leave these excuses and sit down at any table, call it workers, and start writing a romance novel.

Many authors from the list of the best romantic novels to read write non-linearly: they start from the middle, from the end, jump from thought to thought. This technique allows you to maintain a degree of interest and efficiency. Write what is written, and then you arrange the chapters in the right order, frame them with the introduction and conclusion.

Write first, then edit

The main answer to the question of how to write a romance novel is that you simply need to start writing. The truth is that it is necessary to start writing, giving up completely to the impulse and plunge into a state of flux, and after some time return to the written and edit. While trying to grind the text while writing, you get out of the state of the stream, losing the thought and non-standard turns. But it is much more effective to write 10 thousand characters of “unrushed” text, rather than 3-4 thousand verified and weighted.

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How not to get distracted

As far as possible, create the ideal conditions for writing romance novels. What helps you write? Silence, white noise, classical music? Do everything you can to ensure a perfect environment for yourself.

Start a ritual for yourself. For example, Jack Kerouac lit a candle before he started, and when he finished writing, he blew it out. Lighting a candle was a signal to the brain – time to create. Think of a ritual that will set you up to work: start at the same time or listen to your favorite piece of music before work.

How not to abandon writing romance

Make a public statement. Tell your friends, relatives, or subscribers in social networks that you have started to write a book and have been planning to finish it by a certain date. Public commitments won’t let you relax.

Write every day. Whatever happens, whatever your mood, write at least 20-30 minutes daily. Try not to break the chain. Be persistent, even if the muse has been wandering somewhere during your work, at first. Keep on writing, designing a story, or collecting materials. The muse will start coming on time.

The volume of many books is no more than 30 thousand words. If you can write 150 words in half an hour, then 30 thousand words will be written in just over 12 standard working days.

Forget about the reader

 Do not try to please the target audience. Especially, do not try to imagine it. Do not rush to write about zombies or vampires, because they are in fashion – you will not have time anyway. Nobody knows the secret of the bestseller. Write a book for yourself, exclusively for yourself. And for no one else. And it does not matter whether they publish it or not, whether they will read it or not. It does not matter. The main thing is that you are telling this story. Perhaps, then you will really write a good book. And maybe you won’t. 

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And forget about bonuses too!

 Do you want to stand on the stage with a statuette in your hands? Enroll in amateur activities. And sooner or later the statuette (or at least a charter) will catch up with you. It is impossible to write a good book, adjusting it to the requirements of this or that award. And it seems that you were going to write a good one, right? 

Do not write for money

If you are interested in the question of how to write a romance novel only because if money – you shouldn’t write either. No, I do not urge you to give manuscripts to publishers, to fraternize with pirates, and to give books away by the subway. Just do not aim to become a rich and famous writer. First, they are few. Second, most of them have become rich and famous, not because they wanted to be. But because they just wanted to write the most important book for themselves. And they wrote it. Well, what is worse for you?

Where to look for inspiration writing a romance novel

And you do not need it. True. Take writing a book as a job. It can be easy and pleasant, and sometimes hard and tedious, but it’s a job, and you have to do it if you want (put the right one in) to convey your ideas, images, and romantic stories to the audience, to create a real bestseller, to make money, to become a famous author and create further…

If you write only when you have inspiration, this process may or may not last for years.

However, you can spur your brain a little to creativity. Try to walk more. They say that legs are the wheels of thought. Many writers came with ideas during the walks in the fresh air. Communicate with people, listen to music, have breakfast in your favorite café. Or maybe Does inspiration come when you do some work around the house or in the garden?

Find your best romantic stories

Also, watch the world around you, he throws stories and plots so often, you just have to catch them. Keep a small notebook or smartphone ready to capture the thoughts, observations, ideas that have visited you. If you write down everything that’s going on around you, very soon you will gather material for several books.

We are hopeful that you don’t hesitate now with questions on how to write a romance novel and also that we have inspired you to finally start writing one of the best contemporary romance novels. We wish you good luck and are looking forward to your masterpiece!

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