One Arm Pull Up: The Best Guide

Pull-ups are without a doubt the toughest and most popular exercise of all. Only push-ups on bars can compete with them. In general, there is no question that everyone should be able to do a pull-up. But for those who are not intimidated by pull-ups, there is a separate challenge – one arm pull up. When a tough guy hangs over an abyss in a blockbuster, caught with one hand on a ledge in the rock and holding a beautiful girl with the other – he is clearly a master of one hand pull-up techniques. To master it, you must first prepare in advance. And then just remember how to do it properly – this is what we decided to tell in the new material. 

How to learn to do a one hand pull-up?

Let’s start with the fact that you need to masterfully learn how to do pull-ups on two hands. If you are already able to do about 25 reps in one set. It is desirable to be able to do it both with a straight and reverse grip. You can try yourself in training for one hand. It is also worth mentioning that if you know how to pull up more than 30 times, then you train primarily muscle endurance, not strength. To train strength, you need to switch to one-hand exercises. 

two hand pull up
Two hand pull-up

First exercises for one-arm pull-up

The next step is to clasp your fingers on your hands. You need to take the bar with both hands with the usual grip, but to hold on with not all five fingers on the one hand. Use only four fingers and then pull up. Try the same with the other hand. Then leave three fingers, two and one. At this stage you should ideally learn to pull up five times by approaching, while holding the second hand only with the help of the little finger. 

clasp fingers on hands
Clasp your fingers on your hands

At the same time, when you train your fingertips, you can try another technique. Grab the bar with one hand and try to pull up as high as you can, and then slowly lower yourself. In each trial, you should do as many reps as you can. And to train these jerks is worth both the usual and the reverse grip.

The next exercise will help you train for the final part of pull-ups – when you need to raise the chin above the bar. To do this, you need to pull up on both hands with any grip, let go of one hand, and slowly lower yourself on the other, holding your weight as long as possible.

Assisted One-Arm Pull-Up

The point of hanging on with fewer and fewer fingers on one hand, is to loosen this hand and shift more load to the other hand. Thus prepare it for independent pull-ups. This is not the only possible way of doing it. There a lot of other options too. For example, to hold a vertical stand with one hand and with the help of the towel or the fit band, thrown over a bar for the second hand.

Assisted One-Arm Pull-Up
Assisted One-Arm Pull-Up

Step-by-step pull-up technique

 Even after all the above-mentioned preparatory exercises, not everyone can start pulling up on one hand just like that, even though they already have enough strength. The essence is that you have to start doing it correctly – but after mastering the basic rules you can break them.

1. One arm dead hangs – grasp the bar with the back grip, cross the ankles and hang on the fully straightened arm – in this position. The shoulder, which stabilize muscles is activated.

2. Start pulling up, making an effort as if you were trying to rotate the bar. It is better to do this by pressing the hand you are pulling up with as close to the body as possible. This way you can better use both the back muscles and the hand itself. 

3. Tighten up by bending your legs in your knees and raising them to a 90-degree angle. it’s easier to do this exercise in that position. 

4. Lower down slowly, spending at least five seconds to make it easier and more confident in the future.

Grip strength

Success will also depend on the strength of your grip, specifically, on how well your hands are trained. You can increase grip strength with a normal wrist ring expander.

We know that it may seem a very difficult task. But by following the above tips, with great dedication and effort, very soon you will be confidently doing one-arm pull-ups. And will shortly think about the next level: one arm pull up progression. We hope this article will motivate you to achieve this goal and many other tops.

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