Best Story Games on PS4 Platform

Right now we have to stay at home because of Covid-19. All in all, it is time to read a lot of books, play games and expand your consciousness. Games became an important part of our life. It is something similar to books and TV series. That’s why I will tell you about the best story games in the world. Furthermore, the second part of this game will be introduced on the 19th of June. In addition, HBO had started work on TV series based on this game. I’m 100% sure it is the best story game on PS4 ever. People want to play games with stories. This game has a fabulous story.

Future TV series

HBO began to work on a TV series based on the video game The Last of Us. This was reported by Hollywood Reporter. The screenwriters and producers of the project will be the show-runner of the mini-series “Chernobyl” released on HBO in May 2019, Craig Meisin and Neil Drakmann – scriptwriter and creative director of both parts of The Last of Us. The plot of the series will be based on the events of the first part of The Last of Us, but it will also cover the second part.

Make your choice in each game part

“There’s no future, burn everything, “Get out!” “Die, you stupid pig.” These are the same quotes written all over the houses. In The Last of Us, there is no faith in the future. For twenty years, the remnants of humanity have been hiding from parasitic fungus spores in quarantine zones controlled by the military. In abandoned homes or scattered camps – anywhere, and doing anything to survive. Just to survive until the next day.

But the irony is that the Naughty Dog studio is methodically and persistently taking away hope from its heroes, giving it to the players and the industry as a whole. Furthermore, I’m sure, after the Last of Us, all other video games with the story will go through a revolution.

Best story games on PS4

Thinking about The Last of Us phenomenon, you invariably come across the idea that this is not just a video game. As a result, it’s a story, a work of art or a journey – not just a “video game”. That’s why we don’t want to talk about it in gaming terms like “gameplay” or “game design”. This video game has a completely different paradigm: dramaturgy, cinematography, ethics, and culture. Due to this, it is one of the most thoughtful, fascinating, original and incredible works of digital art in the game industry.

In The Last of Us, you will find a journey full of adventures, acquisitions and losses, desperate situations, and rare moments of peace and harmony. The whole world was conquered by mutant Cordyceps. To get success and buy this game easily, discover positive affirmations that work fast.

best story games ps4

The civilization almost died

Most of the civilization died in a matter of days, and people turned into disgusting creatures. In the first stage – “runners”, aggressive “people” are affected for 24 hours or more. After a couple of days there comes the second stage – “clickers”. Fungus sprouted from the skull. Clickers are focused solely on hearing. What people mutate into after a month of wearing the virus – see it in the game’s story.

You will take control of several characters, but there are two main characters. Joel, a tough man over 40 years old, tragically lost his daughter in the first hours of the infection. He has already passed the second decade of survival as it should be: robbery, smuggling, extortion. At some point, he and his “business partner”, a woman named Tess, go to deal with their betrayed supplier. On their way, they met the second hero – a fourteen-year-old girl Ellie. Ellie is an orphan who was born after the epidemic and has never seen the world before.

Later, they agree to take Ellie to the secret base of “Fireflies” – an opposition group. Fireflies have refused asylum in quarantine zones and decided to survive on their own. For Joel, Ellie and Tess, this is the beginning of an adventure that will take over a year.

Like any well-thought-out work, The Last of Us touches on several topics at once, raising many questions. This is not a video game about how to deliver cargo from one place to another.

This is a story about searching humanity in inhumane conditions

It’s about the relationship between father and daughter or even more — about the relationship between generations (in this aspect, the video game often echoes with another iconic work – BioShock Infinite). Joel tries to distance Ellie all the time, but he gradually pays more time and attention to her and shows more compassion. Then, he breaks down and whispers angrily: “You’re not my daughter and I certainly am not your father.” Sometimes Ellie, a cheerful and energetic child, goes away and doesn’t react to Joel’s commands (by the way, it will be reflected even in the gameplay). In the end, Ellie needs Joel as much as Joel needs Ellie.

Ellie is an attempt to atone for Joel’s sins, an opportunity to reconcile with the past. Joel for Ellie is a chance for the first time to be needed and to have a little childhood that she never had.

People with Broken hearts

Two broken people – one without family and meaning in life. The others without parents and loved ones – find hope and comfort in each other, living in a world where people kill people to eat and the last pillars of civilization crumble.

Along the way, they will meet many characters. In addition to desperately clinging to the fading hope of Tess, there will be an angry man Bill, and two brothers, very similar to the main characters. And the brother of Joel – Tommy, who has found a bride and is trying to get his past life back. Everybody has different stories, motivations, and fears, but everyone is a kind of test for Joel and Ellie. As a result, the view of the world becomes a little different, and old beliefs collapse.

If you shoot an enemy who was your friend a minute ago — you see his bloody eyes full of terror. Naughty Dog even included an episode where frightened Ellie breaks the rapist’s skull.

It’s not just violence for violence

Another very important quality – the video game is logical. You will never go into a dark and unlit corridor if there is a light and calm corridor. You will never refuse a safe car or horse to “cut a path” through a blocked highway or sewer with infected people. Sometimes, the video games themselves puts you in a very difficult position – but you believe that this is how it should happen. That’s why the story game ends the way it ends. Without pathos, shortcuts or ridiculous plot twists. The brightest stories are always the easiest. After all, these are the stories for games about people.

Naughty Dog attributes The Last of Us to the genre of action. The last of us isn’t a shooter game like Doom, it’s not an adventure like Tomb Raider, and it’s not horror like Resident Evil. It’s all together – and something new that we haven’t seen and experienced yet. It’s the work of enormous scale and incredible elaboration.

The first thing the player needs to understand is that The Last of Us is a very demanding video game, not only in terms of management complexity and constant concentration. To feel the world recreated to the smallest detail, you need to voluntarily explore it. You need to look at signs and listen to Ellie’s comments, collect notes, listen to Dictaphones, walk and look. There is practically no one left around to tell the story, so the world tells it.

Be patient

Research also has practical benefits – you are looking for supplies, ammunition, weapons, tools, parts, and medical supplies. Anything that will help you to survive. It is a critical point for further progress. When you’ve found an almost finished bottle of alcohol doesn’t mean you can make yourself a first aid kit. You should find, at least, another three or four bottles, and then after an hour or two of gameplay, you’ll get a first aid kit. The player is constantly in a state of excruciating choice, the player will never feel comfortable and too confident.

ps4 games with great stories

Resources, like ammo, in The Last of Us are very small

The Last of Us includes a lot of different situations and locations: a sunken railway depot, a tangled half-ruined hotel, a rusty schoolyard filled with rusty cars, an overgrown viral fungus sewage system, and an abandoned house in the snowy mountains. The video game allows the person on the other side of the screen to decide how to act. The first wish is to make everything quiet and invisible. Stealth elements in The Last of Us have an important role. The naughty dog made it very thoughtfully. Almost any clash takes place in large open (or, conversely, extremely confusing and closed) spaces, leaving space for maneuverability and variation of the passage. People are armed, see and hear perfectly, do not stand still, and constantly communicate. In consequence, the passage of the “stealth style” turns into shooting from all sides, a mad sprint from one hiding place to another and throwing bricks.

As soon as the player decides to get the fire from the holster, the rules change dramatically. The pace of the video game is accelerating, Joel starts moving faster, hitting hauntingly and shouting out Ellie’s teams. Depending on your preparation, wit, and reaction, the shootout can last from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. The skills of secrecy are tested in the fight against the infected. The battle becomes a puzzle, where one mistake can cost a life – clickers kill Joel with one bite. Any shot or explosive device will instantly attract everyone around, and there is a constant shortage of supplies for close combat weapons.

Complexities are added by the fact that “runners”, “clickers” and other types of infected people most often walk in groups and each has its methods of tracking and massacre. “Runners can see, hear and react perfectly to a flashlight, while clickers can barely see you but hear a bottle accidentally tipped over.

In the end, each encounter with the infected turns into a bunch of deaths, wasting a lot of supplies and millions of nerve cells, but then – euphoria, when you manage to get out alive.

Ellie is very helpful

You shouldn’t think that Joel has to do all the work. Ellie, managed by a very clever AI, first brings supplies and warns about the location of the enemy, then gets a gun and goes into battle on her own. I’ve come out of the battle alive many times over the course of my life just because Ellie threw a brick or cut down the throat of a clicker that grabbed me.

The beauty of the gameplay in general – and the combat system at all, is that Naughty Dog built an incredibly delicate balance between strength and weakness, between confidence and vulnerability. Now you’re a hunter, and a second later a confused victim with one bullet in his pocket. The main advantage of The Last of Us is not that it is an incredibly beautiful, thought-out, fascinating, and moderately difficult video game.

Naughty Dog studio doesn’t make video games like Nintendo, Valve or Blizzard. They create incredible storylines and games. Moreover, the balance was not always possible to maintain. But now the developers have mastered perfectly not only the artistic language but also the video game. It’s a story that’s incredibly vivid and personal, that requires complete dedication and emotional involvement. The Last of Us is the culmination of video game development at this stage. That rare case when you say not “passed the game”, but “experienced everything in the video game”. An uncompromising statement of incredible power created by incredibly talented people. Emotions are carefully gathered by almost every possible means of expression at the moment. This is something incredible.

The Last of Us Part 2

The video game takes place five years after the events of the first part and 25 years after the global catastrophe – a pandemic caused by a mutated Cordyceps mushroom in the former United States. According to the video game plot, the main part of the series will take place in Seattle and it will start in Jackson. The player will control the main character Ellie for most of the video game. She turned 19 at the time of the sequel events. Joel, the protagonist of the original part, will act as a supporting character. The main theme of the second part of the series is hated, unlike the first part, where the main theme was built around love, in a particular case between Ellie and Joel. The last of us 2 release dates is the 29th of May this year!

As a result, you start to play The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 right now and prepare for the new video game. I promise you, it is the best story game you have ever seen. This video game will change your mind.